Thursday, December 17, 2009


fuck this town fuck this blog fuck all yall
there was a time and place for my voice. its a natural backlash when the bullshit meter goes off the charts.
i (unlike other local media sources) dont feel the need to rehash the same fucking bullshit just to 'keep going'
sure i could go on for days about the absolutely absurd and pathetic character known as sethcombs. god that shit about Girls was fucking painful to read
(in case yr a fucking idiot this is a pic from a music video by the band Girls)

Sure, drugs and booze were involved. Shit, how else do you end up at the beach, much less a beach in P.B., at 4 a.m.?
shiiiiiit bitch. drugz n booze whatevs. its cool how it happened inadvertently huh? like you didn't stalk them after the show to get a fucking piece for yr shitty ass rag? ok seth....

But the story here isn’t the skinny-dipping or the bottles of scotch tucked away in the sand.
no no not at all bro. did u let them tuck away that bottle in yr butt for their next vid? you'd have so much cred then HUH??

Groupies are nice, and, yeah, I once provided members of Wu-Tang Clan the number of a weed dealer in Atlanta (and even helped them partake)
OMG did u parTake?!?! did u 'take the weed'? u r a fucking groupie. u r what makes this town suck

and so on..

just b thankful for what i contributed. seth combs has an 'edge' now. my blog created 2 other 1's. DasCult and some other really gay sd goosip page. i was right about tapedeckmountain-see p4k review. also about the 'new ranchos' failing miserably in a matter of a few months. street scene's absolute fail and ON&ON&ON&ON

at the end of the day no 1 goes to shows or gives a fuck at all about local music here. sad huh? & the 1's that do r hanging on by the skin of their teef.
i just do this when i'm borrred. guess i haven't been very bored lately.

when something happens i'll write about it. fuck off

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Music: The Rentals

OK so for all u R-tards urine=ing 4 the next Postal Service album that will seemingly never come, THIS is the closest that ur gonna get. musically of course, no PS members r involved.

SO this is matt sharp ex of
weezer. u know how they FUCKING SUCKED after their second album?? it is because this astonishingly talented artist left the band. and u get Raditude...and so on... matt has forged is own unique path in these strangely fucked up times, deciding to embark on a huge artistic enterprise over the course of a year.
'Songs About Time' ..a year in photography film and music.. will be released by a pretty amazing company called Artist in Residence. they put 2gether that fucking SUPER-COLOSSAL
Pixies box set for 6 bills... the NIN Ghosts I-IV box set & for some fucking reason thy'er also creating the Julian Casablancas solo deluxe box thingy
this release caught my eye as well-

Sigur Ros: In A Frozen Sea - Encased in a hard cover album, this deluxe version contains a re-pressing of 3 classic Sigur Ros LP's: Agaetis Byrjun, ( ), and Takk. As a special bonus, Smaskifa which has never before been released in a 12" format is included in the set (7 total pieces of vinyl). These LP's slip into seven individually customized vinyl sleeves which are designed with original photography from the 2006 Takk tour. The classic publication is included in this package, and slips into a customized jacket inside the back cover.


This is the 3rd 'mini album' aptly named The Future. straight away there r sprinkles of the LA children s choir all over the place that adds a unique sense of innocence to these immensely progressive tracks. track 1 is a bit odd but from then on it is a gorgeously textured masterpiece of upbeat abstract rhythms underneath matt's sedated, yet descriptive vocals. kewl. enjoy

Songs About Time!! - Limited Deluxe Edition

NOTE: This item is available as a pre-order and will ship no later than March 15, 2010. Limited to one per customer.
  • Hardcover coffee table photo book of exclusive images, photographed by Matt Sharp in connection with Songs About Time
  • Four-LP set of Songs About Time on 180 gram vinyl with unreleased exclusive bonus tracks. This vinyl set will ONLY be available in the Limited Edition Package!
  • Three CD-set of all 3 Songs About Time Mini Albums
  • CD of Films About Weeks original soundtrack scores
  • High-Def DVD of Films About Weeks Video Collection
  • Two all-access VIP backstage passes to a future Rentals show of your choice (tickets must be purchased separately)
  • One undeveloped roll of black and white 35mm film shot by Matt Sharp during a single day in 2009
  • Exclusive access to online photo gallery to post and share the images from your personal 35mm roll of film.
  • Immediate Free download of all Songs About Time Premium Digital Mini Albums as they becomes available including the exclusive “A Thousand Seasons Past” music video. Your download includes 100% DRM free, high quality FLAC files, 320kbps MP3 audio and Mp4 video files, a 35-page PDF booklet and wallpapers. The files will arrive as a zip archive.
  • Each Limited Edition is numbered and signed by The Rentals and personalized per request (you will receive an email prior to the shipping date to choose your dedication)
  • Help or Questions with your order:

daily recommended show: Habitat House. Final show. Roybot & others

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


n e 1 who wishes i'd post more sorry but the scene here just isn't that interesting. dig?
here's the new Air record 'Love 2' it's good.unless ur into a bunch of pUnk bullshit. then it is 'pussy shit' i guezz.
Love 2

The Black Heart Procession Tour Kickoff

for thoze keeping score at home, the song i picked out from their last live performance 'Drugs' is now the set opener for the new tour and there is a FUCKING EPIC video to go along with it.

'I lost my mind, to lose my love'
absolutely heart wrenching poetry. uv got to be fucking DeaD not to feel this 1. if only some of these super hawwwt yunger bands could understand how powerful a medium music really is. its not about fucking posturing, glamor or fucking politics. yes, u need a greater attention span than that of an average house fly to get a full grasp on what's being conveyed here. yes, u need SOME FUCKING TALENT. maybe some halfway decent gear to make it happen. can't help but thinking all this lo fi schmo fi bullshit is coming from people who REALLY HAVE NO TALENT OR GEAR TO WORK WITH. cats out the bag.
average lo fi interview-

some fucking hipster trash magazine/blog/human scum 'scum'
really shitty flavor of the month 'band'- 'flavor'

scum- so, how did u guyz form? sup?
flavr- yeeeaaaahhh we've been playing for about a week now. almost ready to play live. we just found the shittiest instruments we could buy from the pawnie shop. we've nevr 'played instruments' as it were.
scum- wow! that is fucking revolutionary! go on!
flavor- yeeeaaaahhh well, we'd just jam in my living room when we're black out wasted and then forget everything the next day. my skank ho girlfrin=end recorded our shit on her iphone and posted it on facebook.
scum- this interview is musical history! u r gods!
flavor- yeaaayyaaa so n e way woodsist and in the red and captured tracks all signed us at the same time and we're touring europe and japan and australia. whatevs
scum- i just shat my pants. what does the future hold?
flavor- welllll we figure we'll meander around within this incredibly limited musical spectrum we've created for ourselves and then splinter off into 50 more AwfuL bandz that u can shove down people's throats.
scum- *convulsing on the floor*

sorry kidz. uv got to give people a little more credit than to try & trick them with ur ' lo fi pop sensibilities'. in fact, if u took these h0mO's away from their little garage band set up in their mom's laundry room and put them into an actual recording studio THEY'D BLOW IT. it'd be like 'oh...these songs are total shit when there isn't a mountain of hiss/distortion/reverb to hide behind. i just wasted a lot of time/money.' facts people. u really think these bands consciously decide to use the lo fi aesthetic? please. like they r so above creating big clean beautiful expressive music. THEY JUST CAN'T. duh. so i hope u enjoy these super duper bands while u can. they won't be around for long! folks get surprised when bands like mika miko break up. WTF did u think was going to happen? they'd get huge and play stadiums into their 60's??
'best punk band in california' -Skull kontrol bro
ur fucking SMOKING CRACK b. shit was weak.
'ur just trying to be on the side that's winning' -bob dylan. recognize
chill with the fakeness. time will reveal all.

Catdirt iz dead. deal with it.

daily recommended show: eh//i do not recommend any show taking place in san diego tonight. thank you.

Monday, October 19, 2009

2009 the year of....Emo?

2 things about this post straight off
1-this post is a year in the making
2- it's nothing to do with you. aka 9local music0
K- this decade is fucking OVERS. that's regrets buddyz. with all the top 100 shit lists coming out as each tiny little mind finally figures out that a somehow significant period of time has passed, it makes u wondur... what did 'our decade' of alt ness really produce? especially compared 2 the 90's it looks pretty fucking bleak.
'movements' of the 90's--
early 90's-Nirvana- Alternative music becomes a viable commodity
mid 90's-British guitar rock revolution-OAsis/Blur Radiohead
INDIE R0CK solidifies itself as a legitimate sub-genre of punk in the US
late 90's- electronic music/raves explode in the US redefining the club experience. the concept of DJ as a performer is legitimized.

indie rock has taken over the mainstream this decade with DCFC & modest mouse having #1 selling albums. 3 bands that helped define the 90's indie sound reunited this year for 10th anniversary tours- Sunny Day Real Estate, The Get Up Kids & Jimmy Eat World ( who've technically never broken up but haven't produced shit since Clarity)
now i know what ur minuscule conditioned mind iz thinking---EMO. unfortunately that is a sad misrepresentation of some pretty fucking good music.

these tours are a testament to the affect these bands have had on peoples
lives. now with ur emo/screamo
boybands and ur panic at the disco mychemical ballsack etcc.. I think
there should be a new term for these bands. lumping them into the emo
cat is pretty lazy. I suppose it's really just indie rock music.


Sunny Day Real Estate
- by far the best of this group. really powerful music that has stood the test of time extremely well. the audience was full of 'hardcores' singing every word. and although the band has shunned california in the past they seemed to really be enjoying themselves. pure flow.
here's alink to their set from DC on NPR this tour check it-
direct mp3 download

JEW @ HOB san diego

Jimmy Eat World
- i give credit to artists who know what their audience wants, and have a strong grasp on what their most powerful works are. when static prevails and clarity came out in the mid to late 90's shit was all good. then they 'blew the fuck up' and their music was turned into utter shite. but on this night they played their masterwork Clarity in it's entirety. smart move. cuz the 'encore' was fucking abominable. i abruptly left.

TGUK @ HOB san diego (fucking atrocious venue btw) duh

The Get Up Kids- by far the WORST of the bunch. i was actually looking forward to this 1 as it was my understanding that it was a 10th anny tour of the 1 album i like from this band. not the case. fucking horrendous venue had the all ages section on the floor. big mistake. KEEP THE KIDS UPSTAIRS ASSHOLES!! n e way their set had a few bright spots but regrettably they played a cliche set of crappy pop punk sing alongs..
but apparently people still dig this shhhit-
Oct 31 2009 8:00P
Irving Plaza - SOLD OUT!!!! New York, New York
Nov 1 2009 8:00P
Music Hall Of Williamsburg - SOLD OUT!!!!! Brooklyn, New York

1 thing i did notice about these shows... there is a market of concert goers who simply do not participate in the local scene here. u know- the 30 something bro in a non ironic flannel and a tatted up fat chick with horn rimmed glasses. u only see them at like built to spill or karate or sunny day and it's like where the FUCK r u people hiding? there r good local bands who need the same support. don't be so jaded. i know music was more 'legit' when u were coming of age and now u need a babysitter to catch a show but c'mon. at this rate ur not going to see ANY 10 year anniversary gigs commemorating some milestone from this decade or the next if people choose to sit back and simply ingest music and everything else in a snuggie at home on their laptop.

dude that shits just wrong
daily recommended show- nada. pretty sure all the good ones happened already

Monday, September 14, 2009


maaan i got fiiiive kids to feed

SDMA'S....almost too easy

well.. what can really be said about the sdma's...a completely out of touch joke? an inaccurate view of the scene by (as catdirtsez) 'a self designated elite group'. a BORRRING meaningless yearly ritual that means absolutely NOTHING to anyone outside of our quaint little city? all of these are true. but lets take a closer lOOk

Album of the Year

Jason Mraz - We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things
this is the featured video on their own website... don't worry u don't have to watch the entire NINE minutes of this video to come to the same conclusions as the few people who did comment on the youtube clip-
'Almost everything in this video sounds out of tune, Jason's guitar, the horns... '
'His guitar was waaaaaay out of tune alright.'
'You're right, guitar and horns are way off.'
'jason's energy is relatively low in this performance, maybe the poor tuning of his guitar threw him off slightly, or the general fact everyone on stage is a little sedated.'

this garbage needz to just go away..simply awful
Artist of the Year
Slightly Stoopid
unfortunately this is a sad representation of sandiego. is this all weev got? WHO THE FUCK DESIGNATED THESE ASSHOLES ARTISTS OF THE YEAR?!?!?!?!?!
only here could a whiteboy reggae joke band actually attain this sort of 'popularity'. i like weed as much as the next guy, but this shit kills my buzz faster than getting hit in the ballz with an egg pattie...i mean...just LOOK at them. so sad.

Song of the Year
Anya Marina – “Move You"

why we celebrate artists like this is absolutely beyond me. it's offensive to everyone who is really making music in this town. just watch the video..

"Touring ... is kind of a bitch. It's really fun but you think, 'I'm going to see all these great cities and have all these crazy nights.' There's none of that. It's a lie. I signed up for the lie."

as someone who has been deeply involved in music for years it is absolutely INFURIATING to watch this spoiled little bitch complain about the 'rigors' of touring.. don't u just want to jump through the screen, slap those stupid fucking shades off her face and go all 'shawne merriman' on her Ass?

what would shawne do?

choke a bitch!

NOW on to the 'best electronic' category..oh my you stupid fuckheadz... could u make this award any more pointless than to give it to the same artist year in & year out?

Best Electronic

2009 The Album Leaf

2008 The Album Leaf
2007 The Album Leaf
2006 The Album Leaf
2005 Square Circle
2004 The Album Leaf
2003 The Album Leaf

now that jimmy lives in santa cruz or wherevr maybe u lazy fucks can actually seek out some other acts that incorporate electronics into their least this year the acts nominated actually made electronic music! unlike last year when fantastic magic & others who really had no other category were lazily slopped into 'best electronic'

a brief note on hiphop.. now, i don't know shit about this genre of music BUT if i was making legitimate hiphop in this town and MC Blow won best act 2 yrs straight i would off myself. my advice? MOVE. this town is a joke as far as 'rapping' is concerned

i could go on.. for those of you who wish i'd post more i apologize.. this isn't exactly the focus of my existence. quality not quantity. keep checking in for some tasty nugs!

daily recommended show: Trashcan Fires, Lion Cut, Knives @ Ruby Room (thanks Rosie!)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Show:Wavves,No Age,Crocodiles @ Casbah 8/29/09


so with all the hubbub about SD in the national scene lately i figured i'd rather check these bands out in a smaller cooler setting than that shitty festival that took place over the weekend.
there were also a couple acts from the uk that opened. Pens & graffiti island. meh... one girl from pens was pretty cute. i was too busy shmoozing it up on the smoking patio to notice the wanks on stage.
oh u may find this show review layout similar to the 1 scene on catdirtsez but i swear i originated the format. not that it's original. n e whoo

Crocodiles- it looks like touring has done these blokes well. they sounded pretty tight, albeit a little predictable. they pranced around on stage in their shades and did everything they think they're supposed to do to keep the 'i'm cooler than u' vibe going. good for them tho. they have manipulated the system pretty well as of late.

Wavves- nathan has some talent. i must say tho....evr herd of nirvana? many many riffs 'lifted' from mr. cobain there. but hey fuckman u could put a chimp on a bassoon in front of Zach Hills MONSTROUS drumming and it would sound incredible. holy fuck..he has the fucking devil in him. in the best possible way. apparently they've done a full length record in the last few weeks and he's touring with nathan for a while. they had some pretty sic jams. if i was nathan i'd kidnap zachs ass and chain him to a drumkit.
No Age- following Mr Hill is a tough task but No Age were up for it. they played a tight set of scrappy garage-ish indie rock. super crunchy guitars with solid beats. you can just tell they've been playing together for a long time. that indescribable flow that only comes from years of playing together. very enjoyable. better than on record IMO. that's how it should be right?

all in all a good night. but u have to hawt is the scene here when 2 of the standout acts getting national attention and No Age can't sellout a 132 capacity venue until after 10 on the night of the show... what the fuck is up with the scene here? what is wrong with yall?
just seems odd 2 me. 132 is like not very many people..

Daily recommended show: not much 2nite.. Cat Power @ Pala Casino? meh

Artist Profile: Tapedeckmountain

im baaaaaaack
not that u giveafuck.iwentaway for a while.u wouldn't believe me if i told u so i'll just skip it. time for a little summer roundup.
oh lord tapedeckmountain. your trendy hipster name and wayfarer shades aren't going to do u any good. what do u do when ur in ur 30s living at home with no job? uhhhh guess try to be best friends w/ everyone in the scene. nobody wants ur fucking matchbooks or whatever fucking gag ur trying to peddle. u will always be 2nd best to those kidzwhose ass u lick

sold my wristbands on craigslist for #SS09, now watching @cuckoochaos record vocals

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Show:Black Heart Procession, Night Marchers @ NPMT 8/9/09


weekend wrapup

i went to scope out the festivities in NorthPark during NPMT....

while heading to the daytime fest on sunday i received the following text- 'shit is weak'. not exactly a ringing endorsement from someone who's opinion is highly regarded round these parts. i figured things would pick up once the 'universal hangover' slowly wore off. and it did..sort of. i pretty much completely avoided the 'main stage area' that was showcasing such life altering acts as The Presidents of The United States of America...remember Peaches? Lump? fucking hell...

so instead of standing around in the RAGING sun paying $5 for a plastic cup of coors light in a 'beer garden' WITH NO COVER WHATSoEVER I (as many others did) packed into the LiveWire for 4 dollar tallboys and some much needed mid-day darkness. a few bar skanks later and it was time for BLackHeart to play.

Black Heart Procession- Pall Jenkins & Tobias Nathaniel are a musical force to be reckoned with. after seeing the new video for 'witching stone', which apparently they made in Palls back yard for forty bucks, i was very much looking forward to hearing some of the new material live. also, this was the last date before they start their US tour in mid October. it was an absolute pleasure watching these guys perform. Tobi is a MONSTER on piano. effortless perfection. and of course Pall was on top form belting out track after track of raspy goodness. one song that particularly stood out from the new record was a song called 'Drugs'. only someone as real and fucking cool as Pall Jenkins could pull off such an honest recollection of how drugs play a part in all of our lives. a piano based 'showstopper'. EPIC

Night Marchers- well, what can u really say about john reis' most recent endeavor.. by the look of the crowd, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. stupid music for stupid people i suppose. afterall, so cal is the only place on earth where a tatted up 50 year old greaser can possibly be considered 'with it'. after years & years of rehashing the same boring punk rock rhythms and rhymes you have to wonder how simple someone's mind has to be to continue enjoying such twaddle. i was into to punk too....when i was 15. a couple tracks in i wandered off to get some meat on a stick..

the day before the gig i also attended the only worthwhile music panel that included-

Tony Kiewel (Sub Pop Records), Marc Silverman (ADA Distribution), Eric Howarth (M-Theory Music/Hi Speed Soul), John Reis (The Night Marchers / Rocket from the Crypt / Swami Records), Pall Jenkins (Three Mile Pilot / Blackheart Procession) and Rafter Roberts (Singing Serpent Music)

it was supposed to be about the 'current label landscape', but it sort of just drifted between any subject that the panel felt like discussing. Tony from subpop lead the way and was quite informative. john reis , on the other hand sat there like a fucking dinosaur and offered up short minded 'punk rock' responses to issues such as the roll that iTunes is playing in the marketplace, and other current trends. he might as well not have even been there. rafter roberts and pall jenkins both offered a unique view inside the industry from an artists' standpoint. we collectively looked at a future where you would stream everything and have no need for hard copies of any form of media. it was agreed that there will always be archivists who highly value their own hard copy of media that means something to them. how small that faction of society is remains to be seen.

one other interesting tidbit, Pall revealed that on the new BHP record they'll also be releasing a necklace usb drive version of the album. it will contain 16 bit 44.1 wav files along with artwork and the 'witching stone' video. they are hand made and come in a custom tin. sweet! that will probably be the first new music i've purchased in a while.

'Witching Stone'

Daily recommended show: meh...hostile combover playing their last gig at radioroom..nothing really

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

OMG Flannels are SOOO LEgit!

Ok broz. here in august it gets a little warm. but that, my friends, doesn't stop the dizzying onslaught of flannel shirts in bars and at shows across this town. how did they become cool and lame that FUCKing fast? i cannot tell you. but when it gets to the point where every DuDER in the bands gots his flannlz on it gets a little preposterous.
pre photoshoot convo:
dude on banjo: 'right so i've got my designer style flannel. dry cleaned (obvs)'
dude on ukulele: 'shit man! I was gonig to wear mine! just dropped hella cash on it!'
banjo dude: 'don't step on my dick bitch!'
dude on bass: 'just chill broz. im gonna go bald in the corner'
dude on ukulele: 'fine! i'll just wear my grunge era one'
get over yourselves kidz. actin like yo shit don't stank.
wonder what the next super legit style will be...either way you better start another band just in case your other projects aren't the 'hawt flava' n e more.

wish there was a flannel vers. of this vid. hopefully that's coming up...
omg shoes! good for a laugh

Daily recommended show: SDSU Open Air Arena- Judas Preist! & Whitesnake yall!! srsly nothing going on 2nite

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Show:Japandroids @ Soda Bar 7/30/09

back out to butt fuck nowhere aka SodaBar for another blur of an evening.
so, given their recent signing to Polyvinyl, and the hype around their record 'post nothing' i had no idea what to expect..packed? sold out?? total fucking rage fest?.....not...quite.
i suppose one of the good things about our odd little town is that you can just walk into a Japandroids gig @ midnight, grab a drink in 2 secs and walk right up to the front of the it's been said before, people simply do not care to support live music in SD.
'What a thankless task it is to promote shows in San Diego. My heart goes out to everyone who actually tries to make money booking shows in this town. It just seems impossible to me.'
..that blows man
stop reading this and go to a show U lazy fuck

Roxy Jones- WOnDer how U got this show BUDDDY?!?!?
I intentionally showed up late to this gig as to not poison my ears with such garbage. I believe i walked in on a show of theirs one time and was absolutely APPALLED by the awful sounding vocals. sounds like ur pissing out ur mouth kid!

Happy Hollows- local 3 piece indie band. after living in SD for a while u stand there and think this band isn't so bad...when they actually kind of suuck. they had some attempts at a sonic youth type's alright. the longer the set lasted the less i liked them..keep your sets short kids! always better to leave em wanting more!

Japandroids- From the first note of their soundcheck you could tell that this was simply a higher caliber band about to fucking rock. It was their first time in SD and the front bro was donnnning a Hot SNakes t-shirt. they were working with really tight start/stop rhythms and a lot of energy. grrreat indie rock. dual vocals filled with desperate angst. as if they were calling out from a far off place. pretty much the most sound you can get out of drumz & guit

apparently Mario O was too kewl to show up for hiz SDMA nominated Best Club DJ slot. darn.

the crowds need to improve. yall really can't even fathom how hard bands work to put together gigs and stay 'functional'. support live music. stop going to DJ Nights. get reel.

Daily recommended show: Whistlestop- Gun Outfit (PPM) coming down from Oly. get weird!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Show:XYX, Spirit Photography,Blue Jungle @ SodaBar 7/24/09

(Blue Jungle)

So i went to see Ale Mania but apparently CityBeat got the bill wrong..SHockeR
Hey guys here's a tip-- if this is your Plan A on the friday night of Comic-Con weekend maybe you should get the lineup correct. Dicks. I had heard that XYX,coming up from mexico, was quite good so i wasn't too concerned

Please pardon the occasional PSA: Don't forget to grab a hard copy of CityBeat and support our advertisers. Now return to normal tweeting.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Set Your Phasers to LOSER.. It's Comic-Con!

That's right folks,you can almost feel our city getting nerdier by second as the 40th anny of Comic-Con is rapidly approaching. I could go on all day with the fat jokes B;ah Blah
but I'll let Triumph do it for me. Lest we forget what our city is about to become! AHHHHHH!
well worth the mini commercial--

New Music: Riceboy Sleeps

Jonsi of sigur ros has recently released music under another moniker with his partner Alex.
Peep this doc on the new album
here's a torrent for the album as well
good haunting shit.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Show:Beaters @ whistlestop 7/17/09

Ah summer nights in southpark. Warm air wafting with weed smoke and some bro that looks like he could be in a 70's porn on the door.

Arrived around 10 to find a much more 'mainstream' crowd than i expected..regs everywhere.I figured they would disperse once they didn't 'get' the music. No wonder we've acquired the nickname 'San Diebro'. 2 LA bands opened

Pearl Harbour started out the evening. I believe this is a brother/sister fam band. The youngest at only 14 years of age! Once the music began, the relative inexperience of the group became more than apparent. Playing out of toy practice amps along to paper thin repetitive 'drum machine' loops, you'd wonder why anyone would take this out of the bedroom. They did seem pretty stoked on how ir0nic they were though. Also they seemed visibly drunk/stoned/'happy'

Best Coast was up next, and unfortunately it was just more of the same. Makes you wonder if there was any thought involved at all when it came to translating this music to a live setting..didn't really pay much attention
By this time the 'regs' had moved on after standing in confusion for an hour or so and the fixed gear bikes began to pile up outside.

Beaters are hella tight. good spirited pUnk. andrew puts together diverse rhythms that puts them way above any of their 'scene' contemporaries. musicianship helps kids. great band. when you play together for years, it shows. period

Feel bAd for other local bands who've adopted the lo-fi aesthetic in an attempt to stay relevant. don't bother. Luckily the tapedeck mountain/paddle boat show kept most of the douche bags from clogging up the low capacity bar. Definitely worth the price of admission, which was nothing. I would've paid twice that!
Daily recommended show: after the germs,3mp & the beaters show last night i recommend doing something else

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SXSW i mean NXNP i mean NPMT

This is a WarNing! getting bandz to pay 15-25 bonez to play at the same venues they normally do is a fuking scam. and then there's the name..i thought the blatant ripoff of SXSW was bad.. This year kevin hellman has attempted to further the similarities between his fundraising fest and SXSW by charging all bands submission fees of 15 thru Sonicbids (an online total waste of fucking time) or $25! for snailmail submission. $25?!?! For what, asshole?
Get your fucking sponsors to pony up the cash to pull off your event. Don't charge the bands that are already providing all of the entertainment.
'We offer a community of more than 18,000 people who book and license music and more, all looking for just the right act.' COOD BE U!!!!

'Submit to them using the Sonicbids Electronic Press Kit (EPK), which allows you to send audio, photos, biography, press clips, and more, faster and more easily than ever before. Promoters get your info in an easy-to-read, easy-to-navigate format. They like that.'

Yall ever herd of Myspace? it's pretty new. oh right YOU CAN'T CHARGE MONEY FOR IT! my B

NOW a service like this could be useful to a large national festival such as cmj or sxsw, but an all LOCAL music event? That is just a cowardly attempt to suck penniless musicians dry. and for what? To play a show at the whistlestop? or u31?

Also it looks as though they have yet again failed to provide any type of shuttle service between venues which would have made the $25 admission somewhat worth it. oh k let's get hammered up at the soda bar then drive to rubyroom..then over to the whistlestop.. SD FUckO does not condone drunk driving. or driving at all for that matter (go planet earth!). although this town makes it almost impossible with it's ATROCIOUS public transit system that has recently increased rates while cutting service..

(EDIT)- apparently there will be a shuttle..although there is absolutely no information on their website..a map and schedule would be useful!

All in All this fest is a wash. Stick to the university & 30th area and see what you can. And Kevin, try not to skim anything off the top.

daily recommended show: Casbah- Beaters & Mika Miko. or friends chill @ whistlestop (their longest running night!)