Thursday, December 17, 2009


fuck this town fuck this blog fuck all yall
there was a time and place for my voice. its a natural backlash when the bullshit meter goes off the charts.
i (unlike other local media sources) dont feel the need to rehash the same fucking bullshit just to 'keep going'
sure i could go on for days about the absolutely absurd and pathetic character known as sethcombs. god that shit about Girls was fucking painful to read
(in case yr a fucking idiot this is a pic from a music video by the band Girls)

Sure, drugs and booze were involved. Shit, how else do you end up at the beach, much less a beach in P.B., at 4 a.m.?
shiiiiiit bitch. drugz n booze whatevs. its cool how it happened inadvertently huh? like you didn't stalk them after the show to get a fucking piece for yr shitty ass rag? ok seth....

But the story here isn’t the skinny-dipping or the bottles of scotch tucked away in the sand.
no no not at all bro. did u let them tuck away that bottle in yr butt for their next vid? you'd have so much cred then HUH??

Groupies are nice, and, yeah, I once provided members of Wu-Tang Clan the number of a weed dealer in Atlanta (and even helped them partake)
OMG did u parTake?!?! did u 'take the weed'? u r a fucking groupie. u r what makes this town suck

and so on..

just b thankful for what i contributed. seth combs has an 'edge' now. my blog created 2 other 1's. DasCult and some other really gay sd goosip page. i was right about tapedeckmountain-see p4k review. also about the 'new ranchos' failing miserably in a matter of a few months. street scene's absolute fail and ON&ON&ON&ON

at the end of the day no 1 goes to shows or gives a fuck at all about local music here. sad huh? & the 1's that do r hanging on by the skin of their teef.
i just do this when i'm borrred. guess i haven't been very bored lately.

when something happens i'll write about it. fuck off