Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Show:Black Heart Procession, Night Marchers @ NPMT 8/9/09


weekend wrapup

i went to scope out the festivities in NorthPark during NPMT....

while heading to the daytime fest on sunday i received the following text- 'shit is weak'. not exactly a ringing endorsement from someone who's opinion is highly regarded round these parts. i figured things would pick up once the 'universal hangover' slowly wore off. and it did..sort of. i pretty much completely avoided the 'main stage area' that was showcasing such life altering acts as The Presidents of The United States of America...remember Peaches? Lump? fucking hell...

so instead of standing around in the RAGING sun paying $5 for a plastic cup of coors light in a 'beer garden' WITH NO COVER WHATSoEVER I (as many others did) packed into the LiveWire for 4 dollar tallboys and some much needed mid-day darkness. a few bar skanks later and it was time for BLackHeart to play.

Black Heart Procession- Pall Jenkins & Tobias Nathaniel are a musical force to be reckoned with. after seeing the new video for 'witching stone', which apparently they made in Palls back yard for forty bucks, i was very much looking forward to hearing some of the new material live. also, this was the last date before they start their US tour in mid October. it was an absolute pleasure watching these guys perform. Tobi is a MONSTER on piano. effortless perfection. and of course Pall was on top form belting out track after track of raspy goodness. one song that particularly stood out from the new record was a song called 'Drugs'. only someone as real and fucking cool as Pall Jenkins could pull off such an honest recollection of how drugs play a part in all of our lives. a piano based 'showstopper'. EPIC

Night Marchers- well, what can u really say about john reis' most recent endeavor.. by the look of the crowd, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. stupid music for stupid people i suppose. afterall, so cal is the only place on earth where a tatted up 50 year old greaser can possibly be considered 'with it'. after years & years of rehashing the same boring punk rock rhythms and rhymes you have to wonder how simple someone's mind has to be to continue enjoying such twaddle. i was into to punk too....when i was 15. a couple tracks in i wandered off to get some meat on a stick..

the day before the gig i also attended the only worthwhile music panel that included-

Tony Kiewel (Sub Pop Records), Marc Silverman (ADA Distribution), Eric Howarth (M-Theory Music/Hi Speed Soul), John Reis (The Night Marchers / Rocket from the Crypt / Swami Records), Pall Jenkins (Three Mile Pilot / Blackheart Procession) and Rafter Roberts (Singing Serpent Music)

it was supposed to be about the 'current label landscape', but it sort of just drifted between any subject that the panel felt like discussing. Tony from subpop lead the way and was quite informative. john reis , on the other hand sat there like a fucking dinosaur and offered up short minded 'punk rock' responses to issues such as the roll that iTunes is playing in the marketplace, and other current trends. he might as well not have even been there. rafter roberts and pall jenkins both offered a unique view inside the industry from an artists' standpoint. we collectively looked at a future where you would stream everything and have no need for hard copies of any form of media. it was agreed that there will always be archivists who highly value their own hard copy of media that means something to them. how small that faction of society is remains to be seen.

one other interesting tidbit, Pall revealed that on the new BHP record they'll also be releasing a necklace usb drive version of the album. it will contain 16 bit 44.1 wav files along with artwork and the 'witching stone' video. they are hand made and come in a custom tin. sweet! that will probably be the first new music i've purchased in a while.

'Witching Stone'

Daily recommended show: meh...hostile combover playing their last gig at radioroom..nothing really

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

OMG Flannels are SOOO LEgit!

Ok broz. here in august it gets a little warm. but that, my friends, doesn't stop the dizzying onslaught of flannel shirts in bars and at shows across this town. how did they become cool and lame that FUCKing fast? i cannot tell you. but when it gets to the point where every DuDER in the bands gots his flannlz on it gets a little preposterous.
pre photoshoot convo:
dude on banjo: 'right so i've got my designer style flannel. dry cleaned (obvs)'
dude on ukulele: 'shit man! I was gonig to wear mine! just dropped hella cash on it!'
banjo dude: 'don't step on my dick bitch!'
dude on bass: 'just chill broz. im gonna go bald in the corner'
dude on ukulele: 'fine! i'll just wear my grunge era one'
get over yourselves kidz. actin like yo shit don't stank.
wonder what the next super legit style will be...either way you better start another band just in case your other projects aren't the 'hawt flava' n e more.

wish there was a flannel vers. of this vid. hopefully that's coming up...
omg shoes! good for a laugh

Daily recommended show: SDSU Open Air Arena- Judas Preist! & Whitesnake yall!! srsly nothing going on 2nite

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Show:Japandroids @ Soda Bar 7/30/09

back out to butt fuck nowhere aka SodaBar for another blur of an evening.
so, given their recent signing to Polyvinyl, and the hype around their record 'post nothing' i had no idea what to expect..packed? sold out?? total fucking rage fest?.....not...quite.
i suppose one of the good things about our odd little town is that you can just walk into a Japandroids gig @ midnight, grab a drink in 2 secs and walk right up to the front of the stage.as it's been said before, people simply do not care to support live music in SD.
'What a thankless task it is to promote shows in San Diego. My heart goes out to everyone who actually tries to make money booking shows in this town. It just seems impossible to me.'
..that blows man
stop reading this and go to a show U lazy fuck

Roxy Jones- WOnDer how U got this show BUDDDY?!?!?
I intentionally showed up late to this gig as to not poison my ears with such garbage. I believe i walked in on a show of theirs one time and was absolutely APPALLED by the awful sounding vocals. sounds like ur pissing out ur mouth kid!

Happy Hollows- local 3 piece indie band. after living in SD for a while u stand there and think this band isn't so bad...when they actually kind of suuck. they had some attempts at a sonic youth type thing..it's alright. the longer the set lasted the less i liked them..keep your sets short kids! always better to leave em wanting more!

Japandroids- From the first note of their soundcheck you could tell that this was simply a higher caliber band about to fucking rock. It was their first time in SD and the front bro was donnnning a Hot SNakes t-shirt. they were working with really tight start/stop rhythms and a lot of energy. grrreat indie rock. dual vocals filled with desperate angst. as if they were calling out from a far off place. pretty much the most sound you can get out of drumz & guit

apparently Mario O was too kewl to show up for hiz SDMA nominated Best Club DJ slot. darn.

the crowds need to improve. yall really can't even fathom how hard bands work to put together gigs and stay 'functional'. support live music. stop going to DJ Nights. get reel.

Daily recommended show: Whistlestop- Gun Outfit (PPM) coming down from Oly. get weird!!