Friday, October 23, 2009

New Music: The Rentals

OK so for all u R-tards urine=ing 4 the next Postal Service album that will seemingly never come, THIS is the closest that ur gonna get. musically of course, no PS members r involved.

SO this is matt sharp ex of
weezer. u know how they FUCKING SUCKED after their second album?? it is because this astonishingly talented artist left the band. and u get Raditude...and so on... matt has forged is own unique path in these strangely fucked up times, deciding to embark on a huge artistic enterprise over the course of a year.
'Songs About Time' ..a year in photography film and music.. will be released by a pretty amazing company called Artist in Residence. they put 2gether that fucking SUPER-COLOSSAL
Pixies box set for 6 bills... the NIN Ghosts I-IV box set & for some fucking reason thy'er also creating the Julian Casablancas solo deluxe box thingy
this release caught my eye as well-

Sigur Ros: In A Frozen Sea - Encased in a hard cover album, this deluxe version contains a re-pressing of 3 classic Sigur Ros LP's: Agaetis Byrjun, ( ), and Takk. As a special bonus, Smaskifa which has never before been released in a 12" format is included in the set (7 total pieces of vinyl). These LP's slip into seven individually customized vinyl sleeves which are designed with original photography from the 2006 Takk tour. The classic publication is included in this package, and slips into a customized jacket inside the back cover.


This is the 3rd 'mini album' aptly named The Future. straight away there r sprinkles of the LA children s choir all over the place that adds a unique sense of innocence to these immensely progressive tracks. track 1 is a bit odd but from then on it is a gorgeously textured masterpiece of upbeat abstract rhythms underneath matt's sedated, yet descriptive vocals. kewl. enjoy

Songs About Time!! - Limited Deluxe Edition

NOTE: This item is available as a pre-order and will ship no later than March 15, 2010. Limited to one per customer.
  • Hardcover coffee table photo book of exclusive images, photographed by Matt Sharp in connection with Songs About Time
  • Four-LP set of Songs About Time on 180 gram vinyl with unreleased exclusive bonus tracks. This vinyl set will ONLY be available in the Limited Edition Package!
  • Three CD-set of all 3 Songs About Time Mini Albums
  • CD of Films About Weeks original soundtrack scores
  • High-Def DVD of Films About Weeks Video Collection
  • Two all-access VIP backstage passes to a future Rentals show of your choice (tickets must be purchased separately)
  • One undeveloped roll of black and white 35mm film shot by Matt Sharp during a single day in 2009
  • Exclusive access to online photo gallery to post and share the images from your personal 35mm roll of film.
  • Immediate Free download of all Songs About Time Premium Digital Mini Albums as they becomes available including the exclusive “A Thousand Seasons Past” music video. Your download includes 100% DRM free, high quality FLAC files, 320kbps MP3 audio and Mp4 video files, a 35-page PDF booklet and wallpapers. The files will arrive as a zip archive.
  • Each Limited Edition is numbered and signed by The Rentals and personalized per request (you will receive an email prior to the shipping date to choose your dedication)
  • Help or Questions with your order:

daily recommended show: Habitat House. Final show. Roybot & others

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


n e 1 who wishes i'd post more sorry but the scene here just isn't that interesting. dig?
here's the new Air record 'Love 2' it's good.unless ur into a bunch of pUnk bullshit. then it is 'pussy shit' i guezz.
Love 2

The Black Heart Procession Tour Kickoff

for thoze keeping score at home, the song i picked out from their last live performance 'Drugs' is now the set opener for the new tour and there is a FUCKING EPIC video to go along with it.

'I lost my mind, to lose my love'
absolutely heart wrenching poetry. uv got to be fucking DeaD not to feel this 1. if only some of these super hawwwt yunger bands could understand how powerful a medium music really is. its not about fucking posturing, glamor or fucking politics. yes, u need a greater attention span than that of an average house fly to get a full grasp on what's being conveyed here. yes, u need SOME FUCKING TALENT. maybe some halfway decent gear to make it happen. can't help but thinking all this lo fi schmo fi bullshit is coming from people who REALLY HAVE NO TALENT OR GEAR TO WORK WITH. cats out the bag.
average lo fi interview-

some fucking hipster trash magazine/blog/human scum 'scum'
really shitty flavor of the month 'band'- 'flavor'

scum- so, how did u guyz form? sup?
flavr- yeeeaaaahhh we've been playing for about a week now. almost ready to play live. we just found the shittiest instruments we could buy from the pawnie shop. we've nevr 'played instruments' as it were.
scum- wow! that is fucking revolutionary! go on!
flavor- yeeeaaaahhh well, we'd just jam in my living room when we're black out wasted and then forget everything the next day. my skank ho girlfrin=end recorded our shit on her iphone and posted it on facebook.
scum- this interview is musical history! u r gods!
flavor- yeaaayyaaa so n e way woodsist and in the red and captured tracks all signed us at the same time and we're touring europe and japan and australia. whatevs
scum- i just shat my pants. what does the future hold?
flavor- welllll we figure we'll meander around within this incredibly limited musical spectrum we've created for ourselves and then splinter off into 50 more AwfuL bandz that u can shove down people's throats.
scum- *convulsing on the floor*

sorry kidz. uv got to give people a little more credit than to try & trick them with ur ' lo fi pop sensibilities'. in fact, if u took these h0mO's away from their little garage band set up in their mom's laundry room and put them into an actual recording studio THEY'D BLOW IT. it'd be like 'oh...these songs are total shit when there isn't a mountain of hiss/distortion/reverb to hide behind. i just wasted a lot of time/money.' facts people. u really think these bands consciously decide to use the lo fi aesthetic? please. like they r so above creating big clean beautiful expressive music. THEY JUST CAN'T. duh. so i hope u enjoy these super duper bands while u can. they won't be around for long! folks get surprised when bands like mika miko break up. WTF did u think was going to happen? they'd get huge and play stadiums into their 60's??
'best punk band in california' -Skull kontrol bro
ur fucking SMOKING CRACK b. shit was weak.
'ur just trying to be on the side that's winning' -bob dylan. recognize
chill with the fakeness. time will reveal all.

Catdirt iz dead. deal with it.

daily recommended show: eh//i do not recommend any show taking place in san diego tonight. thank you.

Monday, October 19, 2009

2009 the year of....Emo?

2 things about this post straight off
1-this post is a year in the making
2- it's nothing to do with you. aka 9local music0
K- this decade is fucking OVERS. that's regrets buddyz. with all the top 100 shit lists coming out as each tiny little mind finally figures out that a somehow significant period of time has passed, it makes u wondur... what did 'our decade' of alt ness really produce? especially compared 2 the 90's it looks pretty fucking bleak.
'movements' of the 90's--
early 90's-Nirvana- Alternative music becomes a viable commodity
mid 90's-British guitar rock revolution-OAsis/Blur Radiohead
INDIE R0CK solidifies itself as a legitimate sub-genre of punk in the US
late 90's- electronic music/raves explode in the US redefining the club experience. the concept of DJ as a performer is legitimized.

indie rock has taken over the mainstream this decade with DCFC & modest mouse having #1 selling albums. 3 bands that helped define the 90's indie sound reunited this year for 10th anniversary tours- Sunny Day Real Estate, The Get Up Kids & Jimmy Eat World ( who've technically never broken up but haven't produced shit since Clarity)
now i know what ur minuscule conditioned mind iz thinking---EMO. unfortunately that is a sad misrepresentation of some pretty fucking good music.

these tours are a testament to the affect these bands have had on peoples
lives. now with ur emo/screamo
boybands and ur panic at the disco mychemical ballsack etcc.. I think
there should be a new term for these bands. lumping them into the emo
cat is pretty lazy. I suppose it's really just indie rock music.


Sunny Day Real Estate
- by far the best of this group. really powerful music that has stood the test of time extremely well. the audience was full of 'hardcores' singing every word. and although the band has shunned california in the past they seemed to really be enjoying themselves. pure flow.
here's alink to their set from DC on NPR this tour check it-
direct mp3 download

JEW @ HOB san diego

Jimmy Eat World
- i give credit to artists who know what their audience wants, and have a strong grasp on what their most powerful works are. when static prevails and clarity came out in the mid to late 90's shit was all good. then they 'blew the fuck up' and their music was turned into utter shite. but on this night they played their masterwork Clarity in it's entirety. smart move. cuz the 'encore' was fucking abominable. i abruptly left.

TGUK @ HOB san diego (fucking atrocious venue btw) duh

The Get Up Kids- by far the WORST of the bunch. i was actually looking forward to this 1 as it was my understanding that it was a 10th anny tour of the 1 album i like from this band. not the case. fucking horrendous venue had the all ages section on the floor. big mistake. KEEP THE KIDS UPSTAIRS ASSHOLES!! n e way their set had a few bright spots but regrettably they played a cliche set of crappy pop punk sing alongs..
but apparently people still dig this shhhit-
Oct 31 2009 8:00P
Irving Plaza - SOLD OUT!!!! New York, New York
Nov 1 2009 8:00P
Music Hall Of Williamsburg - SOLD OUT!!!!! Brooklyn, New York

1 thing i did notice about these shows... there is a market of concert goers who simply do not participate in the local scene here. u know- the 30 something bro in a non ironic flannel and a tatted up fat chick with horn rimmed glasses. u only see them at like built to spill or karate or sunny day and it's like where the FUCK r u people hiding? there r good local bands who need the same support. don't be so jaded. i know music was more 'legit' when u were coming of age and now u need a babysitter to catch a show but c'mon. at this rate ur not going to see ANY 10 year anniversary gigs commemorating some milestone from this decade or the next if people choose to sit back and simply ingest music and everything else in a snuggie at home on their laptop.

dude that shits just wrong
daily recommended show- nada. pretty sure all the good ones happened already