Wednesday, October 21, 2009


n e 1 who wishes i'd post more sorry but the scene here just isn't that interesting. dig?
here's the new Air record 'Love 2' it's good.unless ur into a bunch of pUnk bullshit. then it is 'pussy shit' i guezz.
Love 2

The Black Heart Procession Tour Kickoff

for thoze keeping score at home, the song i picked out from their last live performance 'Drugs' is now the set opener for the new tour and there is a FUCKING EPIC video to go along with it.

'I lost my mind, to lose my love'
absolutely heart wrenching poetry. uv got to be fucking DeaD not to feel this 1. if only some of these super hawwwt yunger bands could understand how powerful a medium music really is. its not about fucking posturing, glamor or fucking politics. yes, u need a greater attention span than that of an average house fly to get a full grasp on what's being conveyed here. yes, u need SOME FUCKING TALENT. maybe some halfway decent gear to make it happen. can't help but thinking all this lo fi schmo fi bullshit is coming from people who REALLY HAVE NO TALENT OR GEAR TO WORK WITH. cats out the bag.
average lo fi interview-

some fucking hipster trash magazine/blog/human scum 'scum'
really shitty flavor of the month 'band'- 'flavor'

scum- so, how did u guyz form? sup?
flavr- yeeeaaaahhh we've been playing for about a week now. almost ready to play live. we just found the shittiest instruments we could buy from the pawnie shop. we've nevr 'played instruments' as it were.
scum- wow! that is fucking revolutionary! go on!
flavor- yeeeaaaahhh well, we'd just jam in my living room when we're black out wasted and then forget everything the next day. my skank ho girlfrin=end recorded our shit on her iphone and posted it on facebook.
scum- this interview is musical history! u r gods!
flavor- yeaaayyaaa so n e way woodsist and in the red and captured tracks all signed us at the same time and we're touring europe and japan and australia. whatevs
scum- i just shat my pants. what does the future hold?
flavor- welllll we figure we'll meander around within this incredibly limited musical spectrum we've created for ourselves and then splinter off into 50 more AwfuL bandz that u can shove down people's throats.
scum- *convulsing on the floor*

sorry kidz. uv got to give people a little more credit than to try & trick them with ur ' lo fi pop sensibilities'. in fact, if u took these h0mO's away from their little garage band set up in their mom's laundry room and put them into an actual recording studio THEY'D BLOW IT. it'd be like 'oh...these songs are total shit when there isn't a mountain of hiss/distortion/reverb to hide behind. i just wasted a lot of time/money.' facts people. u really think these bands consciously decide to use the lo fi aesthetic? please. like they r so above creating big clean beautiful expressive music. THEY JUST CAN'T. duh. so i hope u enjoy these super duper bands while u can. they won't be around for long! folks get surprised when bands like mika miko break up. WTF did u think was going to happen? they'd get huge and play stadiums into their 60's??
'best punk band in california' -Skull kontrol bro
ur fucking SMOKING CRACK b. shit was weak.
'ur just trying to be on the side that's winning' -bob dylan. recognize
chill with the fakeness. time will reveal all.

Catdirt iz dead. deal with it.

daily recommended show: eh//i do not recommend any show taking place in san diego tonight. thank you.


  1. so i went to bar pink last night to see Fresh&Only's b/c I used to hang out with (the singer of fresh&onlys) that guy when I was in law school and he was a smelly bum who didn't know how to play guitar. He learned!!!

    hadn't been to bar pink in FOREVER and I have no idea why- easy to get to, great sound, oh wait- who is that girl in the white pants? wow- where did she roll in from, PB? NOW I REMEMBER- PB OUT OF NORTH PARK.

    also checked out tornadoes which is like hamilton's was for five seconds before all the d*****bags caught on and built their social life around it.

    dan melchior opened- he told me that he was "from london" but i later learned he moved to north carolina- garagey sound w/ above average style points and lyrics.

    fresh&only's are cool- i like tim. people turned up. left before the oh sees and lost major scene points.

  2. This post is brutal yet funny. Ni[e! I'm not really into this Lo-fi hype machine either. Some yes, but a majority NO.

    There was a man with a beard wearing 70's pornstar sunglasses that told me to go see the oh sees, I did not go. -30 scene points.

  3. catdirt lives! feel free to post show reviews/thoughts/ramblings in my comment section. trying to keep an open dialogue here. cheers mang