Monday, July 27, 2009

Show:XYX, Spirit Photography,Blue Jungle @ SodaBar 7/24/09

(Blue Jungle)

So i went to see Ale Mania but apparently CityBeat got the bill wrong..SHockeR
Hey guys here's a tip-- if this is your Plan A on the friday night of Comic-Con weekend maybe you should get the lineup correct. Dicks. I had heard that XYX,coming up from mexico, was quite good so i wasn't too concerned

Please pardon the occasional PSA: Don't forget to grab a hard copy of CityBeat and support our advertisers. Now return to normal tweeting.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Set Your Phasers to LOSER.. It's Comic-Con!

That's right folks,you can almost feel our city getting nerdier by second as the 40th anny of Comic-Con is rapidly approaching. I could go on all day with the fat jokes B;ah Blah
but I'll let Triumph do it for me. Lest we forget what our city is about to become! AHHHHHH!
well worth the mini commercial--

New Music: Riceboy Sleeps

Jonsi of sigur ros has recently released music under another moniker with his partner Alex.
Peep this doc on the new album
here's a torrent for the album as well
good haunting shit.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Show:Beaters @ whistlestop 7/17/09

Ah summer nights in southpark. Warm air wafting with weed smoke and some bro that looks like he could be in a 70's porn on the door.

Arrived around 10 to find a much more 'mainstream' crowd than i expected..regs everywhere.I figured they would disperse once they didn't 'get' the music. No wonder we've acquired the nickname 'San Diebro'. 2 LA bands opened

Pearl Harbour started out the evening. I believe this is a brother/sister fam band. The youngest at only 14 years of age! Once the music began, the relative inexperience of the group became more than apparent. Playing out of toy practice amps along to paper thin repetitive 'drum machine' loops, you'd wonder why anyone would take this out of the bedroom. They did seem pretty stoked on how ir0nic they were though. Also they seemed visibly drunk/stoned/'happy'

Best Coast was up next, and unfortunately it was just more of the same. Makes you wonder if there was any thought involved at all when it came to translating this music to a live setting..didn't really pay much attention
By this time the 'regs' had moved on after standing in confusion for an hour or so and the fixed gear bikes began to pile up outside.

Beaters are hella tight. good spirited pUnk. andrew puts together diverse rhythms that puts them way above any of their 'scene' contemporaries. musicianship helps kids. great band. when you play together for years, it shows. period

Feel bAd for other local bands who've adopted the lo-fi aesthetic in an attempt to stay relevant. don't bother. Luckily the tapedeck mountain/paddle boat show kept most of the douche bags from clogging up the low capacity bar. Definitely worth the price of admission, which was nothing. I would've paid twice that!
Daily recommended show: after the germs,3mp & the beaters show last night i recommend doing something else

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SXSW i mean NXNP i mean NPMT

This is a WarNing! getting bandz to pay 15-25 bonez to play at the same venues they normally do is a fuking scam. and then there's the name..i thought the blatant ripoff of SXSW was bad.. This year kevin hellman has attempted to further the similarities between his fundraising fest and SXSW by charging all bands submission fees of 15 thru Sonicbids (an online total waste of fucking time) or $25! for snailmail submission. $25?!?! For what, asshole?
Get your fucking sponsors to pony up the cash to pull off your event. Don't charge the bands that are already providing all of the entertainment.
'We offer a community of more than 18,000 people who book and license music and more, all looking for just the right act.' COOD BE U!!!!

'Submit to them using the Sonicbids Electronic Press Kit (EPK), which allows you to send audio, photos, biography, press clips, and more, faster and more easily than ever before. Promoters get your info in an easy-to-read, easy-to-navigate format. They like that.'

Yall ever herd of Myspace? it's pretty new. oh right YOU CAN'T CHARGE MONEY FOR IT! my B

NOW a service like this could be useful to a large national festival such as cmj or sxsw, but an all LOCAL music event? That is just a cowardly attempt to suck penniless musicians dry. and for what? To play a show at the whistlestop? or u31?

Also it looks as though they have yet again failed to provide any type of shuttle service between venues which would have made the $25 admission somewhat worth it. oh k let's get hammered up at the soda bar then drive to rubyroom..then over to the whistlestop.. SD FUckO does not condone drunk driving. or driving at all for that matter (go planet earth!). although this town makes it almost impossible with it's ATROCIOUS public transit system that has recently increased rates while cutting service..

(EDIT)- apparently there will be a shuttle..although there is absolutely no information on their website..a map and schedule would be useful!

All in All this fest is a wash. Stick to the university & 30th area and see what you can. And Kevin, try not to skim anything off the top.

daily recommended show: Casbah- Beaters & Mika Miko. or friends chill @ whistlestop (their longest running night!)

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Village aka New Ranchos: A review

Writing about music all the time is boring SO here is a look inside the new ranchos. SD FUckO sty- As a loyal patron of ranchos for a good few years I, as were many other local 'food' types, was quite sad to see the market portion of the business close down recently. Now in it's place is TheVillage which,according to the scary asian lady w/ braces working the back counter, has been open for just a week now. Rumors had been flying around that it was going to offer similar options as ranchos so my interest was piqued. As you walk through the front you can almost feel the ghosts of the mild mannered hippies that made up the majority of the ranchos workforce. The layout is eerily similar with the check out in front and the 'deli' area in the back left. But that, boys and girls is where the similarities end. The Village is your run of the mill random asian market with many varieties of things that you never eat!
Don't forget your BookTripe!

This weeks special! exposed raw shrimp! Can u taste the fecal matter?

OMG i really needed 17 different kinds of noodles!

I was hoping to find something edible at the back deli counter but alas, my attempts were thwarted by 'chompers' over there. A few combinations, mixed salads and other shit were on display along with a drab looking salad bar that just doesn't live up to the life affirming experience that was eating a HUGE ranchos salad. Apparently they'll be adding a smoothie bar and a few other things at the back. oh well, I'll give em another chance in a few months. If they last that long.
Daily recommended show: Belly Up- Blitzen Trapper. or 2 year anny @ Bar Pink

Sunday, July 12, 2009

SD Street Scene..Ghey or Hella Ghey?

Local alt music fest in August.. Now that the lineup is finalized let's review. Besides the utterly forgettable headliners BeastieBooys MIA and Black Eyed Pees, there are a few notable acts performing on the 25th anny.
This sort of brings up another point on the lack of new stadium acts. More on that in a sec.
NOW- here's a list of notables
MOdest Mouse
Band of Hizzos
no age
Los Campesinos
Wavves (obvs) meltdown part #2? j/k
Of course then you have your middle of the road bands that could all evaporate tomorrow without really having any effect whatsoever on the music industry at large
Dead Weather
Conor ObERST
busta rhymes
thievery corp
Cake..........and so forth.
SO.. where are the new bands that 'should' be dominating the US music fest circuit?? Who is there to take the torch from all of these dinosaur bands? Remember when people listened to full length albums? That was pretty sweet. Unfortunately, now our music culture has completely changed. It's all about the single. Chew you up and spit you out. Hit it while it's hot.
This has created a stagnant boring musical landscape that has absolutely FAILED to produce any bands that are capable of sustaining a stadium filling career. Hence, you have lineups such as 'street scene' all over the place. OLD,SHITTY bands that were decent 10-20 years ago headlining festivals with a bunch of indie bands swimming around in a cesspool of internet obscurity.
Enjoy this one folks. Think I'll pass. Casbah will host No Age, Wavves, Crocodiles, PENS, Grafitti Island on the 29th anyway.
Daily recommended show: House o Blues- Bone Thugs n Harmony (obvs)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dear Seth Combs..

Feeling quite bloggy today..
Ok Seth Combs local music aficionado..Sorry but you're a fucking idiot.

Not too sure what makes you a musical expert but you really need to tuck back into whatever hole you crawled out of. You better hold on to that job as long as possible or you may risk becoming a 'nobody' again.
'The Apes of Wrath are the best band in San Diego.'
Ok that statement alone pretty much devalues anything you have to say about music..Good Fucking God..
Please keep us up to date on Nathans next bowel movement...thanks.
'Nathan Williams from Wavves, donning a Chicago Bulls cap and flannel, was in the house'
On crocs & the SD scene..
'they seemed happy to be back home drinking and basking in the glow of the dozens of lit cigarettes on the smoking patio while the bands played virtually unnoticed inside.'
So you're saying the local scene is full of fucking poseurs and hipsters who don't give a fuck about music...and that is cool...ok
on the coathangers-
'I saw them open up for The Sess years ago at The Tower Bar and even though they were total bitches to me, I still enjoyed their show thoroughly.'
That is because you are a fucking tool. But keep trying and maybe they won't be total bitches to your face anymore.
On a new SD band just getting their live show in order-
'It was clear from Hawaii’s opening song why they don’t have a MySpace account or any music posted. Their live show was a dreadful display, sounding like a group of special-education students covering Captain Beefheart.'
I'm sure your fucking tune will change the second they put out a 7" on Art Fag.
So, good luck local tastemaker. You'll need it.

Local "band" Dum Dum Girls Sign to SubPop... SRSLY!??

Ok ok..this shit has gone too far..
Coming from the label who released life altering albums such as Bleach, Diary and the Postal Service full length Give Up, this is a really really sad day..
Where to this superduper mega allstar band features kirsten from GOP and her hubby from crocs.. WOW.. that gives them so much cred.. You know you've got major problems when the hipsters at the 4th o july woodsist fest think you're too 'scene' .
check out their myspace for some super shitty..erm I mean 'lo-fi' recordings. won't bother posting a link.
Kids if you want to be in a successful band don't bother practicing or coming up with a unique powerful sound. Just find the most vacant hipster loser fucks you can find and latch on to them. I lost all hope in modern music when this was announced..oh Sub far you have fallen/
here's a vid from the 4th of july show in NYc. note the super killer guitar solo.
daily recommended show: Ken Club- Creepy Creeps

Friday, July 3, 2009

OMG Wayfarers Rock!

dude totally going to pick up a sweet pair for the 4th. hopefully some really shitty neon colored ripoff ones.
sooooo legit.
daily recommended show: Bar Pink- Thin Man
three mile pilot is touring this month. go see them. i totally blew it when they did the reunion gigs in January.

07-16 Solana Beach, CA - Belly Up Tavern
07-17 Los Angeles, CA - Echoplex
07-18 San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill
07-20 Seattle, WA - Neumos
07-21 Vancouver, British Columbia - Richards on Richards
07-22 Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
07-24 San Jose, CA - Blank Club

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's Fucking July?

Pete Doherty- Genius or Lunatic Drug Addict.......Both?
peep this 10 min doc on his solo record

4th of July on Sat...too bad the pigs made OB gay..used to be a good time.
daily recomended show-Radio Room: Volts,The Zion Laser Strike,Census