Sunday, July 12, 2009

SD Street Scene..Ghey or Hella Ghey?

Local alt music fest in August.. Now that the lineup is finalized let's review. Besides the utterly forgettable headliners BeastieBooys MIA and Black Eyed Pees, there are a few notable acts performing on the 25th anny.
This sort of brings up another point on the lack of new stadium acts. More on that in a sec.
NOW- here's a list of notables
MOdest Mouse
Band of Hizzos
no age
Los Campesinos
Wavves (obvs) meltdown part #2? j/k
Of course then you have your middle of the road bands that could all evaporate tomorrow without really having any effect whatsoever on the music industry at large
Dead Weather
Conor ObERST
busta rhymes
thievery corp
Cake..........and so forth.
SO.. where are the new bands that 'should' be dominating the US music fest circuit?? Who is there to take the torch from all of these dinosaur bands? Remember when people listened to full length albums? That was pretty sweet. Unfortunately, now our music culture has completely changed. It's all about the single. Chew you up and spit you out. Hit it while it's hot.
This has created a stagnant boring musical landscape that has absolutely FAILED to produce any bands that are capable of sustaining a stadium filling career. Hence, you have lineups such as 'street scene' all over the place. OLD,SHITTY bands that were decent 10-20 years ago headlining festivals with a bunch of indie bands swimming around in a cesspool of internet obscurity.
Enjoy this one folks. Think I'll pass. Casbah will host No Age, Wavves, Crocodiles, PENS, Grafitti Island on the 29th anyway.
Daily recommended show: House o Blues- Bone Thugs n Harmony (obvs)

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