Monday, July 13, 2009

The Village aka New Ranchos: A review

Writing about music all the time is boring SO here is a look inside the new ranchos. SD FUckO sty- As a loyal patron of ranchos for a good few years I, as were many other local 'food' types, was quite sad to see the market portion of the business close down recently. Now in it's place is TheVillage which,according to the scary asian lady w/ braces working the back counter, has been open for just a week now. Rumors had been flying around that it was going to offer similar options as ranchos so my interest was piqued. As you walk through the front you can almost feel the ghosts of the mild mannered hippies that made up the majority of the ranchos workforce. The layout is eerily similar with the check out in front and the 'deli' area in the back left. But that, boys and girls is where the similarities end. The Village is your run of the mill random asian market with many varieties of things that you never eat!
Don't forget your BookTripe!

This weeks special! exposed raw shrimp! Can u taste the fecal matter?

OMG i really needed 17 different kinds of noodles!

I was hoping to find something edible at the back deli counter but alas, my attempts were thwarted by 'chompers' over there. A few combinations, mixed salads and other shit were on display along with a drab looking salad bar that just doesn't live up to the life affirming experience that was eating a HUGE ranchos salad. Apparently they'll be adding a smoothie bar and a few other things at the back. oh well, I'll give em another chance in a few months. If they last that long.
Daily recommended show: Belly Up- Blitzen Trapper. or 2 year anny @ Bar Pink

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