Monday, July 27, 2009

Show:XYX, Spirit Photography,Blue Jungle @ SodaBar 7/24/09

(Blue Jungle)

So i went to see Ale Mania but apparently CityBeat got the bill wrong..SHockeR
Hey guys here's a tip-- if this is your Plan A on the friday night of Comic-Con weekend maybe you should get the lineup correct. Dicks. I had heard that XYX,coming up from mexico, was quite good so i wasn't too concerned

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  1. Ale Mania cancelled. So sorry if I upset you. Cry me a fucking river, sheesh.

    So, I'm writing an article on the state of San Diego music for our crappy little rag and would love to get your thoughts. You seem to have a lot to say on the subject and I like what you're doing so just thought I'd ask.

    If so, let me know ASAP at If not, que sera.


  2. r u for real?
    this should be interesting...

  3. Assimilation of the divisive voices! Keep it real FucKo!

  4. high praise from the man himself!!