Sunday, August 2, 2009

Show:Japandroids @ Soda Bar 7/30/09

back out to butt fuck nowhere aka SodaBar for another blur of an evening.
so, given their recent signing to Polyvinyl, and the hype around their record 'post nothing' i had no idea what to expect..packed? sold out?? total fucking rage fest?.....not...quite.
i suppose one of the good things about our odd little town is that you can just walk into a Japandroids gig @ midnight, grab a drink in 2 secs and walk right up to the front of the it's been said before, people simply do not care to support live music in SD.
'What a thankless task it is to promote shows in San Diego. My heart goes out to everyone who actually tries to make money booking shows in this town. It just seems impossible to me.'
..that blows man
stop reading this and go to a show U lazy fuck

Roxy Jones- WOnDer how U got this show BUDDDY?!?!?
I intentionally showed up late to this gig as to not poison my ears with such garbage. I believe i walked in on a show of theirs one time and was absolutely APPALLED by the awful sounding vocals. sounds like ur pissing out ur mouth kid!

Happy Hollows- local 3 piece indie band. after living in SD for a while u stand there and think this band isn't so bad...when they actually kind of suuck. they had some attempts at a sonic youth type's alright. the longer the set lasted the less i liked them..keep your sets short kids! always better to leave em wanting more!

Japandroids- From the first note of their soundcheck you could tell that this was simply a higher caliber band about to fucking rock. It was their first time in SD and the front bro was donnnning a Hot SNakes t-shirt. they were working with really tight start/stop rhythms and a lot of energy. grrreat indie rock. dual vocals filled with desperate angst. as if they were calling out from a far off place. pretty much the most sound you can get out of drumz & guit

apparently Mario O was too kewl to show up for hiz SDMA nominated Best Club DJ slot. darn.

the crowds need to improve. yall really can't even fathom how hard bands work to put together gigs and stay 'functional'. support live music. stop going to DJ Nights. get reel.

Daily recommended show: Whistlestop- Gun Outfit (PPM) coming down from Oly. get weird!!

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