Tuesday, August 4, 2009

OMG Flannels are SOOO LEgit!

Ok broz. here in august it gets a little warm. but that, my friends, doesn't stop the dizzying onslaught of flannel shirts in bars and at shows across this town. how did they become cool and lame that FUCKing fast? i cannot tell you. but when it gets to the point where every DuDER in the bands gots his flannlz on it gets a little preposterous.
pre photoshoot convo:
dude on banjo: 'right so i've got my designer style flannel. dry cleaned (obvs)'
dude on ukulele: 'shit man! I was gonig to wear mine! just dropped hella cash on it!'
banjo dude: 'don't step on my dick bitch!'
dude on bass: 'just chill broz. im gonna go bald in the corner'
dude on ukulele: 'fine! i'll just wear my grunge era one'
get over yourselves kidz. actin like yo shit don't stank.
wonder what the next super legit style will be...either way you better start another band just in case your other projects aren't the 'hawt flava' n e more.

wish there was a flannel vers. of this vid. hopefully that's coming up...
omg shoes! good for a laugh

Daily recommended show: SDSU Open Air Arena- Judas Preist! & Whitesnake yall!! srsly nothing going on 2nite


  1. kewl. maybe ur blog n my blog can get together sometime. i like beer n going to shoz n stuff..

  2. those pix were taken in winter bro, cutoff jean shorts are the new flannel. don't quit! love the 619 version hipsterrunnoff