Friday, July 10, 2009

Local "band" Dum Dum Girls Sign to SubPop... SRSLY!??

Ok ok..this shit has gone too far..
Coming from the label who released life altering albums such as Bleach, Diary and the Postal Service full length Give Up, this is a really really sad day..
Where to this superduper mega allstar band features kirsten from GOP and her hubby from crocs.. WOW.. that gives them so much cred.. You know you've got major problems when the hipsters at the 4th o july woodsist fest think you're too 'scene' .
check out their myspace for some super shitty..erm I mean 'lo-fi' recordings. won't bother posting a link.
Kids if you want to be in a successful band don't bother practicing or coming up with a unique powerful sound. Just find the most vacant hipster loser fucks you can find and latch on to them. I lost all hope in modern music when this was announced..oh Sub far you have fallen/
here's a vid from the 4th of july show in NYc. note the super killer guitar solo.
daily recommended show: Ken Club- Creepy Creeps


  1. your an idiot. your obviously very young and stupid. now a days any idiot with a google account can create a blog and trash good bands and labels because they know how to sign in and type. but goodness forbid that said person actually try to make their own music and put it out there for people to judge them on.