Friday, October 23, 2009

New Music: The Rentals

OK so for all u R-tards urine=ing 4 the next Postal Service album that will seemingly never come, THIS is the closest that ur gonna get. musically of course, no PS members r involved.

SO this is matt sharp ex of
weezer. u know how they FUCKING SUCKED after their second album?? it is because this astonishingly talented artist left the band. and u get Raditude...and so on... matt has forged is own unique path in these strangely fucked up times, deciding to embark on a huge artistic enterprise over the course of a year.
'Songs About Time' ..a year in photography film and music.. will be released by a pretty amazing company called Artist in Residence. they put 2gether that fucking SUPER-COLOSSAL
Pixies box set for 6 bills... the NIN Ghosts I-IV box set & for some fucking reason thy'er also creating the Julian Casablancas solo deluxe box thingy
this release caught my eye as well-

Sigur Ros: In A Frozen Sea - Encased in a hard cover album, this deluxe version contains a re-pressing of 3 classic Sigur Ros LP's: Agaetis Byrjun, ( ), and Takk. As a special bonus, Smaskifa which has never before been released in a 12" format is included in the set (7 total pieces of vinyl). These LP's slip into seven individually customized vinyl sleeves which are designed with original photography from the 2006 Takk tour. The classic publication is included in this package, and slips into a customized jacket inside the back cover.


This is the 3rd 'mini album' aptly named The Future. straight away there r sprinkles of the LA children s choir all over the place that adds a unique sense of innocence to these immensely progressive tracks. track 1 is a bit odd but from then on it is a gorgeously textured masterpiece of upbeat abstract rhythms underneath matt's sedated, yet descriptive vocals. kewl. enjoy

Songs About Time!! - Limited Deluxe Edition

NOTE: This item is available as a pre-order and will ship no later than March 15, 2010. Limited to one per customer.
  • Hardcover coffee table photo book of exclusive images, photographed by Matt Sharp in connection with Songs About Time
  • Four-LP set of Songs About Time on 180 gram vinyl with unreleased exclusive bonus tracks. This vinyl set will ONLY be available in the Limited Edition Package!
  • Three CD-set of all 3 Songs About Time Mini Albums
  • CD of Films About Weeks original soundtrack scores
  • High-Def DVD of Films About Weeks Video Collection
  • Two all-access VIP backstage passes to a future Rentals show of your choice (tickets must be purchased separately)
  • One undeveloped roll of black and white 35mm film shot by Matt Sharp during a single day in 2009
  • Exclusive access to online photo gallery to post and share the images from your personal 35mm roll of film.
  • Immediate Free download of all Songs About Time Premium Digital Mini Albums as they becomes available including the exclusive “A Thousand Seasons Past” music video. Your download includes 100% DRM free, high quality FLAC files, 320kbps MP3 audio and Mp4 video files, a 35-page PDF booklet and wallpapers. The files will arrive as a zip archive.
  • Each Limited Edition is numbered and signed by The Rentals and personalized per request (you will receive an email prior to the shipping date to choose your dedication)
  • Help or Questions with your order:

daily recommended show: Habitat House. Final show. Roybot & others

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