Monday, September 14, 2009

SDMA'S....almost too easy

well.. what can really be said about the sdma's...a completely out of touch joke? an inaccurate view of the scene by (as catdirtsez) 'a self designated elite group'. a BORRRING meaningless yearly ritual that means absolutely NOTHING to anyone outside of our quaint little city? all of these are true. but lets take a closer lOOk

Album of the Year

Jason Mraz - We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things
this is the featured video on their own website... don't worry u don't have to watch the entire NINE minutes of this video to come to the same conclusions as the few people who did comment on the youtube clip-
'Almost everything in this video sounds out of tune, Jason's guitar, the horns... '
'His guitar was waaaaaay out of tune alright.'
'You're right, guitar and horns are way off.'
'jason's energy is relatively low in this performance, maybe the poor tuning of his guitar threw him off slightly, or the general fact everyone on stage is a little sedated.'

this garbage needz to just go away..simply awful
Artist of the Year
Slightly Stoopid
unfortunately this is a sad representation of sandiego. is this all weev got? WHO THE FUCK DESIGNATED THESE ASSHOLES ARTISTS OF THE YEAR?!?!?!?!?!
only here could a whiteboy reggae joke band actually attain this sort of 'popularity'. i like weed as much as the next guy, but this shit kills my buzz faster than getting hit in the ballz with an egg pattie...i mean...just LOOK at them. so sad.

Song of the Year
Anya Marina – “Move You"

why we celebrate artists like this is absolutely beyond me. it's offensive to everyone who is really making music in this town. just watch the video..

"Touring ... is kind of a bitch. It's really fun but you think, 'I'm going to see all these great cities and have all these crazy nights.' There's none of that. It's a lie. I signed up for the lie."

as someone who has been deeply involved in music for years it is absolutely INFURIATING to watch this spoiled little bitch complain about the 'rigors' of touring.. don't u just want to jump through the screen, slap those stupid fucking shades off her face and go all 'shawne merriman' on her Ass?

what would shawne do?

choke a bitch!

NOW on to the 'best electronic' category..oh my you stupid fuckheadz... could u make this award any more pointless than to give it to the same artist year in & year out?

Best Electronic

2009 The Album Leaf

2008 The Album Leaf
2007 The Album Leaf
2006 The Album Leaf
2005 Square Circle
2004 The Album Leaf
2003 The Album Leaf

now that jimmy lives in santa cruz or wherevr maybe u lazy fucks can actually seek out some other acts that incorporate electronics into their least this year the acts nominated actually made electronic music! unlike last year when fantastic magic & others who really had no other category were lazily slopped into 'best electronic'

a brief note on hiphop.. now, i don't know shit about this genre of music BUT if i was making legitimate hiphop in this town and MC Blow won best act 2 yrs straight i would off myself. my advice? MOVE. this town is a joke as far as 'rapping' is concerned

i could go on.. for those of you who wish i'd post more i apologize.. this isn't exactly the focus of my existence. quality not quantity. keep checking in for some tasty nugs!

daily recommended show: Trashcan Fires, Lion Cut, Knives @ Ruby Room (thanks Rosie!)


  1. Choke a bitch shawne would own anya! Fo Sho'!

  2. SDFucko! SDFucko! When are you going to take Seth Combs job from him? That guy blows a shitty breeze up on my balls!