Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Show:Wavves,No Age,Crocodiles @ Casbah 8/29/09


so with all the hubbub about SD in the national scene lately i figured i'd rather check these bands out in a smaller cooler setting than that shitty festival that took place over the weekend.
there were also a couple acts from the uk that opened. Pens & graffiti island. meh... one girl from pens was pretty cute. i was too busy shmoozing it up on the smoking patio to notice the wanks on stage.
oh u may find this show review layout similar to the 1 scene on catdirtsez but i swear i originated the format. not that it's original. n e whoo

Crocodiles- it looks like touring has done these blokes well. they sounded pretty tight, albeit a little predictable. they pranced around on stage in their shades and did everything they think they're supposed to do to keep the 'i'm cooler than u' vibe going. good for them tho. they have manipulated the system pretty well as of late.

Wavves- nathan has some talent. i must say tho....evr herd of nirvana? many many riffs 'lifted' from mr. cobain there. but hey fuckman u could put a chimp on a bassoon in front of Zach Hills MONSTROUS drumming and it would sound incredible. holy fuck..he has the fucking devil in him. in the best possible way. apparently they've done a full length record in the last few weeks and he's touring with nathan for a while. they had some pretty sic jams. if i was nathan i'd kidnap zachs ass and chain him to a drumkit.
No Age- following Mr Hill is a tough task but No Age were up for it. they played a tight set of scrappy garage-ish indie rock. super crunchy guitars with solid beats. you can just tell they've been playing together for a long time. that indescribable flow that only comes from years of playing together. very enjoyable. better than on record IMO. that's how it should be right?

all in all a good night. but u have to wonder...how hawt is the scene here when 2 of the standout acts getting national attention and No Age can't sellout a 132 capacity venue until after 10 on the night of the show... what the fuck is up with the scene here? what is wrong with yall?
just seems odd 2 me. 132 is like not very many people..

Daily recommended show: not much 2nite.. Cat Power @ Pala Casino? meh


  1. Dear SDfucko,

    This is adorable! Your blog, that is. Your adolescent angst and pretentiously stylized BAD writing has us all on the edge of our seats...just waiting for you to bash the next hard-working, homegrown, honest small-time musician and/or band. You must be a real patron of the arts...the way you grant yourself the authority to make or break a band's reputation with cacophonic reviews.

    (It is) Audacious, the way you can call anyone a kiss ass, seeing as you're the one with nothing but good things to say about all the established So-Cal bands [No Age, Black Heart Procession (whose set at NPMT, by the way, seemed to drag on for days and was totally anti-climactic, and not because they're a bad band, but because they allowed themselves to be subjected to a terrible context. When you're the kind of band seasoned for a cool, dark setting on a stage with red-velvet curtains, the last place you need to be is on an outdoor stage in 90 degree heat with a sparse crowd standing on asphalt.)] I guess in order to observe simple aesthetics and all the things that go into what makes a good live show you have to have 1. a brain, and 2. taste.
    It is times like this when I wish I had some credible name so you would take my advice...and if believed in that sort of thing, like you seem to...then I would say what I'm going to say anyway: making a horribly unreadable blog with bad formatting to slander some guys you don't like is a load of crap, a waste of everyone's time, furthermore, an insult to the general public. And to add insult to injury, you disguise it as a music review page? You don't seem to know the first thing about music except the gibbles & shit you pick up from the floor of the citybeat and whatever pitchfork's got going on, who by my bye, had your buddies TapeDeck Mountain on their Forkast today.
    YOU ARE NO MUSIC CRITIC. I suggest you stick to attending shows of bands you actually enjoy.

    So, to summarize, if you were a real person, and not some anonymous waste of megabytes, I would find you at the next local show that you're obviously too cool to be at anyway, and tapedeck you right in the face just for blowing your idiot wind into my consciousness.


  2. SDFucko rules! You should post more! It's kind of a bummer when you only post once a week!